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Happy Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all (well, a day early but still...)!! Thanks for joining, we now have 16 members!! I hope we can look forward to seeing each other throughout the new year ^__^;;

I decided to modify the rules to make them a litlle less specific so the place is a little less straight laced - so we can introduce ourselves and make any post we want at all, as it's to do with a meet or the comm (discussion and/or questions) ^_^

(hey, it's my first comm, I'm bound to suck at it, go easy on me ;_; )

Also, would you guys feel free to participate if I launched a google map thingyma where you could roughly mark (i.e. your county) where in the country you are? This does make it a little less private as information is being given out, but it'd be a members only post and it means we can see where the best sort of areas to hold meets in are ^_^;; Just an idea! x3

Happy Merry Christmas once again, and a happy new year! And feel free to introduce yourselves! (I would but I already have in the profile, so... yeah XD)

/Christmas Dan
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