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Happy Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all (well, a day early but still...)!! Thanks for joining, we now have 16 members!! I hope we can look forward to seeing each other throughout the new year ^__^;;

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Wheee! Up and running ^^;;

The community is finally up and running! Of course, I don't expect any events to be happening any time soon, given the time of year and all... but when anybody does want to organise an event, be sure to let us know! ^_^

I'll be on hand for occasional support and coordination help, but remember I don't organise these events myself unless it's my own event .This place is more like a meeting point/notification board for anybody who wants to invite people to an event they're organising.

Tell your friends, get them to tell their friends! Hopefully this place'll grow and we'll all get to know each other a little better ^___^


PS. Also, for those who haven't noticed, we have a last.fm group! feel free to join! ^_^;;
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